Public Safety

Public Safety is a major concern for our community. Every resident in our district deserves to feel safe in their community..

What I will do: As your city councilor, I will work to bring together mental health professionals and law enforcement agencies to help address the trauma in our communities. I will also advocate for year round youth employment opportunities and work to hold our law enforcement department accountable on delivering quality services to our community. We will also encourage our law enforcement to help create initiatives to support youth extracurricular activities. We will support policies that decriminalize mental health illnesses and reallocate funds of the police budget to proven effective violence prevention strategies, mental health/addiction services, and community investments including housing, healthcare, and education.

Opioids / Substance Use Disorder

It is clear that our city is facing a public health emergency when it comes to the opioid crisis. Here in our district, we are witnessing people overdosing on our sidewalks, public parks, and school grounds. We are also witnessing people participating in sexual acts, our families and children are witnessing all of this. I believe 311 reports are not enough to address this issue. We need a bold and comprehensive approach to this complex issue. 

What I will do: As your city councilor, I will advocate to immediately decentralize recovery services in our district. I will work to build strong relationships with other cities and towns to get the assistance and support we need to make this happen. We will also work with our law enforcement agencies including our District Attorney’s office to help reduce the amount of drug dealing in the area. We will advocate to expand the sharps team to at least 50 sharp team members and bring in other agencies in the area to help with these efforts. I will also advocate for the expansion of the BPD bike team to better serve our most impacted areas. I will strongly advocate for permanent housing for our most vulnerable population along with vocational and employment opportunities to help get our homeless friends and family back on track. 

Treatment and Recovery

Boston is home to some of the best hospitals in the nation. We must do more to increase access to recovery beds and treatment services throughout our city, not just in black and brown communities. We must also invest in permanent housing for our most vulnerable population. 

What I will do: As your city councilor, I will advocate for additional recovery treatment opportunities throughout the city of boston. We will explore vacant city and state property to help us get this done. I will work in collaboration with other cities and towns to help us bring in additional resources to our most impacted areas. This will help reduce the number of homeless individuals suffering from substance use disorders on our streets. We must show our most vulnerable population that their lives matter and that we are here to support them along the way. 

Environment/Health Inequities  

Our district faces many health inequities, from lead in the water at our public schools, to biohazard materials like needles entering our sewer system. We also have one of the highest asthma rates in the city. Research shows that Boston’s black and Hispanic children have significantly higher rates of asthma-related hospitalization and ED visits than white children. Asthma disportunitely impacts low-income, urban neighborhoods due to greater exposure to air pollution and environmental triggers. There are ways to address these quality of life issues impacting our communities.

What will I do: As your city councilor, we will ensure our children have clean drinking water at all of our public schools. We will advocate to improve air quality and living conditions in our public housing complexes. We will work with CDC’s in the community to address quality of life issues. We will advocate for more planting of trees and community gardens throughout our neighborhoods which will help increase access to healthy foods. We will also ensure that we add additional trash and recycle bins in our community to reduce the amount of litter and trash in our neighborhoods. We will also support legislation that encourages public and private entities to move towards 100% renewable energy. We will work in collaboration with our local hospitals and public health commission to improve the lives of all of our residents.  

Public Education

We believe we must do everything in our power to disrupt the school to prison pipeline that highly impacts our black and brown communities. As a former BPS student, I remember many of my friends being escorted by school police & suspended for minor things like talking back to a teacher or throwing a paper ball at a classmate. These practices including zero tolerance policies drive many students to drop out of school, and even imprisonment. 


Our teachers are our superheroes, but too often they are underpaid and low resourced. Many teachers dip into their own pockets to provide supplies for their students. We must work to pay our teachers a fair pay and provide all the resources needed to support our students. 

What I will do: As your city councilor, we will advocate for additional funding to support our struggling schools. We will advocate for pay increases for teachers. We will also advocate for more counselors & mental health professionals to help treat the trauma that our students deal with on a daily basis. We also believe that if we want our children to succeed for the future we must give them the tools to help them prepare for it. We will strongly advocate for financial literacy including stocks, budget management, building credit, cryptocurrencies & more. We will also advocate to eliminate zero tolerance policies which increase bad behavior and drop out rates. 


Boston is in a housing crisis. In a city with an already high cost of living, rents are increasing, some of our residents are witnessing their rent double during this pandemic. We must do everything we can to protect our renters and that includes holding property owners accountable. We must be creative in increasing homeownership opportunities for our residents. We will advocate to increase access to programs like first time home buyer classes. We also believe we should advocate for other housing options including community land trusts, & co-op residences. These opportunities will help many of our residents remain in the city they love to call home. 

What I will do: As your city councilor, We will strongly advocate to protect our residents from displacement and unfair eviction practices. I will also advocate for rent control to protect residents from unfair rent increases. We will hold property owners including CDC’s in our communities accountable and work to facilitate conversations to ensure residents voices are heard and valued. 

Community Engagement 

Everyday, elected officials make decisions on our behalf that impact our daily lives. Too often, we are left out of the conversations and rarely invited to the decision making table. I believe if we truly value and care about our residents, we should do everything in our power to have their voices heard and acknowledged. 

What I will do: As your city councilor, We will ensure that your voices are at the decision table. We will advocate to make hearings and forums more accessible to those with language barriers and will advocate to have city hall hearings directly here in our district. We believe this is the best way to increase participation and empower our residents and community members. We will bring city hall to our district!

Nubian Vision

We have many shiny new buildings in Nubian Sq, but the inequities remain the same. Many black owned businesses are being pushed out, and the area does not feel like a business district. Businesses close early due to low clientele and some due to safety concerns. We believe it’s time to revitalize this area by helping our small businesses remain and investing in bringing this area back to the thriving district we all remember.

What I will do: As your city councilor, we will advocate for funding to help our small businesses remain. We will work to repair our sidewalks, improve lighting, adding trash barrels and recycle bins to reduce litter and encourage outdoor events and dining. We will advocate to have more community events in our district. We will work to create a safe and welcoming environment for all residents of district 7.